Mars is the only known planet that is inhabited solely by robots.

"They told me I’m going to start new meds
Ones that hopefully won’t mess with my head
And I can’t help but hope they’ll knock me out cold
Because hopscotching chemicals is getting old
I’m just getting worse by day by hour by minute
Because if death is a race my mind is wired to win it
All I can think about is the finish line
And while you’re doing fine
I’m not
My skin is starting to rot
My heart is a mixture of twitching road kill and veins
And who wants their roots to be in pain
Apparently me
Because I’m doing this to myself, can’t you see
I’m worthless and useless and insignificant and small
And it’s my fault I’m not moving forward at all
I can’t let the scapegoat be anyone else
I did this to myself"
"I just can’t fucking deal with all of my shadows
Lord knows I only have two hands
And they’re both too busy grappling for my throat
They don’t have time to be acquainted with the malice silhouettes of my past
And everything I write down is fucking useless
They can’t even describe how I feel
I can’t tell anyone how I feel
The words are too real and my mind is too abstract
I feel like my brain’s some fourth dimension that I can’t reach
Everything seems so big and I’m so out of depth
It was better when I was in shallow water
Before I started gulping water instead of air
Now I’m thinking I’d rather be six feet underground
Call me selfish or dumb
I can’t hear your words over the screaming in my head
I really care about you
I do
I just don’t care about my health
Half the problem is how I want to force feed you my heartbeats
So yours is always racing
Even if that means pulling the plug of my own chest
It would be for the best anyways
So let’s set a date to defy God
How does next Friday sound"

I don’t know why people think feminists hate men.

We love men!

Well, not ALL men …

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You do deserve good things, I just want to be one of them

So, scientifically speaking, gay parents are an advantage to their children

"Women can fake orgasms, but men can fake love."
- Something actually really profound that Bo Burnham said in “What”, his stand-up comedy routine

I always feel bad when someone asks me out but I say “no”, because seriously, your standards really can’t get any lower than me

Do you know that feeling when you watch a post of yours gain a lot notes?? Me neither, but it sounds fantastic